Saturday, May 7, 2011

Without You

My hammer missed the nail
My left thumb was smashed.

I stifled my scream, holding
the dripping finger over my nose tip,
till a drop trickled down,
coursing its way from the nose
through my cleavage to my navel.

Did not it bleed all through?
Or is it the single drop that led to
the core, painted my pain so blue??

In no time my seasoned skin
drank away the aged wine.
I lay numb, was pushed to
the land of unknown alone,
by the lofty waves of memories.

A known hand lifted me.
As rippled past touched senses,
I knew it was He.

I asked him to hold on time;
Now for long till Life
can't further bind. He
smiled and said "I wish I could",
and pressed the left-hand tight.


I opened my eyes to see,
I lay inside the coffin I built.

I hammered the last nail to the casket,
as I bled tears and closed my eyes.

Copyright © 2017 by Oliva Rath. All rights reserved. This material cannot be copied and reproduced in any form without permission.