Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I still remember the run. I was running to catch it...very fast...even faster. The excitement to catch it made me forget the distance & direction. The mischievous wind soughing in my hair, the speed which light would fear... This was the passion. I kept running ups & lows trouncing successfully know not what number of huddles. The ecstacy seethed through each pore on my skin, the moment I saw myself nearing my catch. For a moment I felt blessed with Arjun's Eye. I kept ignoring my gasp which grew with the gallop of my feet. Arms stretched, greedy fist, heart's fandango, eyes wide open to imprint & captivate the moment's excitement for time immemorial...I run finally. Yes, only a grab away..... And....... O God!!!!! I turned with rage to see someone pulling me back. "Stop it. It's not yours. It was never yours. Let it go free". My senses freezed ever securing the moment's feel. The words echoed hard in me burrying my heart's cry deep within. I saw her calm & sinless; smiling or mocking at my foolishness??? She was my conscience. I saw myself holding me back. I never walked a step without her before. Now, how could I do this? I think she was right. It was never mine. But I was not ready to absorb it even if I accepted it. The momentary pleasure of having something which was never meant to be yours, sometimes makes human beings crave. I am a human being. Was I saved? Was it that I succumbed to fear...fear of losing? Or was it that I became a slave of my non-performance? I never questioned back at her. May be all she did that day was a blessing in disguise. I love her. Or did I love him???

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Monday, April 27, 2009


Eternal bliss fermented in the ignorant heart,
emotions plunged out for a moment into that torrent of sensation
turning minutes into endless millennium...
D parted gladly away for the passionate affliction.

A voyage galloped in the midst of uncounterable waves,
no meridian checkerboard could guide the way
D dips into the deadly calmness of rational shell,
away from the fiery effusions of emotional rage...

The voiceless soul tearing out of the silhouettes of emotions
threading its way through the labyrinth of relationships
THAT ASSULT the very existance of D;
Memories enshrined in the heart, changing conceptions of the world.
Aimless impulses of emotions & reverie,
the nameless burden of perception
that encumbered the prosaic life,
all bubbled out of those innocent perforation...


Copyright © 2017 by Oliva Rath. All rights reserved. This material cannot be copied and reproduced in any form without permission.


All those moments will be lost in time,
like tears in the rain,
all those flares will now
turn dreams to clouds that will never rain.
If only it were the last time for dreams to burn out...

If only I could wish for my next life,
a wish not to come here again
all alone...I fear,
fear to see pain melting away with tears.
If only this life were the last one to live...

For the last time the painting faded
& let it be the last time for the brush,
let the spills flow away with the memories
not to fill in the eyes of a doll.
It is the last time for the doll...

The half open windows winced,
the sun outside sulked like the new moon,
the gliding steps never stunned
the silence of the corridor.
It is the last wait for the corridor...

I don’t know how many seconds are left
of my millennium: Perhaps the last
dull flutters of the melting wax.
I’ll make them ages by my dying gasps, waiting for you.
It is the last breath of the millennium...

A kiss I know was unreasonable
may be it was not the last for it.
Tears compensated your place,
kissed me all over & loved me till all was wet,
for it was the last time I got wet...

Don't know life will open up eyes again,
wished to live the emotions of each second,
breath in all the fumes of the blown candle of life.
do not anymore come & knock on this door.
My door is locked for the last time...

If only I could be free
free from guilt for the last time
guilt of expecting or not expecting.
I can't spot it to happen & can't wait for it to happen.
Come & kiss me as if it were the last time.

Copyright © 2017 by Oliva Rath. All rights reserved. This material cannot be copied and reproduced in any form without permission.