Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Soulmate

After a quest for food,
to my nest I return...

You are late tonight sweetheart, my wait was long.
Come on, slide into the blanket,
we'll you forget"

As I close my lashes
and try to captive sleep within,
the jealous soul mate kisses on my eyes
and wakes me up again.

"Let not just the Day see you,
I long to be with you more;
open your eyes for me dear,
the sun any time shall encroach".

"See with your open eyes
the road ahead and one behind,
you will find me fight for you
with the Day robbing your peace of mind".

"I give you my dark blood,
soak it with your thoughts
as you dream more to frame your future."

"I am your only mate...till death,
Your Soul Mate,
I am your Night."

Copyright © 2017 by Oliva Rath. All rights reserved. This material cannot be copied and reproduced in any form without permission.


  1. Well-written! Nice imagery! Keep it up!

  2. Nice metaphor!!! Like the way it's put to words as a poem with underlying meaning like a riddle.

  3. Very good work. Keep it up.